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№9 / 2015

Feature this issue: Rad-cure coatings. Pigments

Industry news

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

  • First rate world paint & coatings producers in 2014

Modern raw materials

  • Lead chromates replacement: old problem, prolonged process - Ju. Ott, Th. Sowade
  • UV-curing resins Syntholux for modern paint & coatings production – Ju.V. Rogacheva
  • Effect pigments for beginners and lateral entrants. Part 3 - O. Kipfmüller, V. Lederer

Technologies and equipment

  • Modern trends in Rad-curing paint & coatings area (overview of foreign press)

Testing methods

  • IR identification of paint & coatings – A.S. Drinberg, Ju.V. Ulashkevich, I.A. Udenko

Suppliers of paint & coatings industry